Some of Our Water Pipeline work


  • Thakurganj water pipeline work
  • Ashiyana water pipeline work
  • Mahanagar Waterpipeline work
  • Lalbagh Water Pipeline Work
  • Mall Avenue Water Pipeline Work

Louis Berger was selected by the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority to manage the development of waterworks facilities. Duties involved providing continuous pressurized potable water to all citizens in the south-central and northern regions of the city. Louis Berger planned, designed and managed the construction of new waterworks facilities. Existing facilities, including intake sites, water treatment plants, raw water transmission mains and pumps, clear water transmission mains and pumps, reservoirs, water distribution networks, and water-testing laboratories, were also evaluated and updated.


Before the Bay Area’s intensive development occurred over the last 60 years, our Right of Way and Watershed lands sat in rural, agricultural areas. Today, much of the SFPUC’s property lies in suburbia. Our Right of Way is located behind large office buildings and shopping centers in Silicon Valley and through community parks.

RES has negotiated rental agreements for a broad range of uses including parking lots, golf courses, utility crossings, telecommunication towers, quarries, landscaping, parks, and more. RES has also learned what does not work for the SFPUC.

For example, the SFPUC disfavors any use that:

  • may contaminate our land or water with hazardous materials;
  • provides aerial utility crossing or overhead transmission lines within the Right of Way or watershed;
  • cannot effectively be removed in a timely manner, upon the SFPUC’s request for maintenance or in case of an emergency;
  • fulfills another jurisdiction’s open space, setback, parking, or third-party development requirements;
  • makes the Right of Way the sole emergency access to a neighboring property;
  • includes installation of structures or trees on the Right of Way;
  • would increase the SFPUC’s potential liability or diminish the security of the SFPUC’s utility infrastructure;
  • includes installation of utilities parallel to, rather than across, our pipelines or electric transmission lines; or
  • is inconsistent with any existing or future policies adopted by the SFPUC, as they may be amended or modified from time to time