Some of Our Structure Designing Work



  • Hussaibad Abidi Villa
  • Gomti Nagar Das studio
  • Gomti Nagar Jaiswal Mansion
  • Thakur Ganj Siddiqui’s Villa
  • Dalibagh Apartment Flat’s interior
  • Golden Crust Apartment Flat’s interior
  • Kakori House Interior
  • Bhopal Sadhwani’s mansion
  • Hapur Haji Sahab mansion
  • Delhi Gulathi’s mansion etc.



Structure Designing

Typical structures designed by a structural engineer include buildings, towers, stadia and bridges. Other structures such as oil rigs, space satellites, aircraft and ships may also be designed by a structural engineer.[1] Most structural engineers are employed in the construction industry, however there are also structural engineers in the aerospace, automobile and shipbuilding industries. In the construction industry, they work closely with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, and construction managers.


The final form which is adopted for a work of architecture is influenced by many factors ranging from the ideological to the severely practical. This book is concerned principally with the building as a physical object and, in particular, with the question of the structural support which must be provided for a building in order that it can maintain its shape and integrity in the physical world. The role of the building as an aesthetic object, often imbued with symbolic meaning, is, however, also central to the argument of the book; one strand of this argument considers that the contribution of the structure to the achievement of higher architectural objectives is always crucial. Technical issues are accordingly considered here within a wider agenda which encompasses considerations other than those of practicality.