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Row House

Single-family dwelling units attached to one another by common walls, generally with a common facade.
One of a series of houses, often of similar or identical design, situated side by side and joined by common walls.
Row houses are a category of urban homes that are located in one area and are consistent, one with the other, in architecture, design, and appearance. The etymology of different real estate terms used to describe homes is difficult to pin down, but for the most part, houses described with this term are multistory units that are at least consistent, if not identical, to all adjoining homes. Similar to townhouses, they are located in older, larger cities, especially those on the eastern coast of the United States.Besides architectural elements, row houses are often associated with multistory living. The main living area of many can be found on the second floor, not the first. In some cases, depending on renovation results, it may feature two spacious floors for the owner with individual apartments above or below the main living area.

In the real estate market, row houses are often sought because of their history, but also their similarity to apartment living. In many major cities, They sell for amounts well in excess of $1 million US Dollars. Of particular value are those with several units included so that they can be rented out by the owner to generate income.

row house

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