Message From The Chairman’s

Chairman'sI welcome all the visitors in Chamber Of Educators And Journalists. I became the chamber’s president in the year 2010.This was and remains a tremendous privilege for me, that has shown a great faith in me to take further the Chamber’s longstanding reputation for establishment of ethics and quality in Bhartiya Education and social system ,through its wide network of members and associates all over country.

    The sentiment prompting to the establishment of the Chamber Of Educators And Journalists is the imparting the ideas and platforms of discussions for excellence in Education and Research to the aspiring youths of the nation irrespective of sex, class, caste, creed, and religion .

   Since it is the beginning and the journey is long. Although we have approached to many of the prominent educationists, politicians and decision makers of our country in  Walk Talk  and planned meetings  .We are all enthusiastic and committed to achieve the mile stone of success with a holistic approach for the noble cause of the social development of the nation.

I invite you to take this journey towards excellence and self fulfillment with us at Chamber Of educators & journalists. I offer you my best wishes and complements for a developed nation building with the bricks of quality education system and social justice & awareness.


                                      ( Macvision )