Some of Our Building Construction work


  • Lucknow Jail
  • Shravasti Medical College
  • UPRNN Gomti Nagar
  • Jhansi Distt. Hospital
  • Upgration of 300 Beds Bahraich Disst. Hopital

Construction involves the process of building infrastructure or a facility. Construction differs from manufacturing in that manufacturing typically involves mass production of similar items without a designated purchaser, while construction typically takes place on location for a known client. Construction as an industry comprises six to nine percent of the gross domestic product of developed countries. Construction starts with planning, design, and financing and continues until the project is built and ready for use.

The Certificate in Building Information Modelling Project Management will cover the entire

Hussaibad Abidi Villa project lifecycle and provide you with detailed knowledge and the skills required in order to manage each step of the project. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to effectively manage a Hussaibad Abidi Villa project at each stage. The feature of this course is a simulated Hussaibad Abidi Villa project which will run throughout the course to embed practical knowledge at each stage of the Hussaibad Abidi Villa project process.